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A handcrafted wooden bowl, inlaid with peregrine falcons made from recycled silverA handcrafted wooden bowl, inlaid with peregrine falcons made from recycled silver, is to be gifted to Their Majesties King Charles – Lord of Mann – and Queen Camilla, on behalf of the people of the Isle of Man.

The bowl was designed and made by Manx artists to reflect the Monarch’s life-long passion for the environment and traditional craftsmanship – whilst referencing the Island’s rich heritage, language and culture.

Nature inspired artist Graham Hall (Artforms from Nature) lovingly shaped the bowl at his studio in Grenaby from a fallen Elm found in woodland near Tynwald Hill.

Graham said:

'I was honoured to take on this special commission, which reflects the King’s passion for sustainability and the natural world, where I take my inspiration.'

The 52cm high bowl is embellished with a pair of peregrine falcons, created by Claire and Scott Pearse (Element Isle) in Tynwald Mills, continuing a tradition dating back more than 600 years. 

Silversmith, Claire Pearse said:

'It was a privilege to work on such an important gift and the recycled silver used is in keeping with the sustainability concept.'

Henry IV gave the Isle of Man to Sir John Stanley in 1406 on the condition he pay homage and give two peregrine falcons to every future monarch of England on their Coronation.

This continued to the Coronation of George IV in 1821 who was the last monarch to receive live birds. However, the bird of prey, which forms part of the Isle of Man’s coat of arms, has remained a feature of subsequent Manx coronation gifts.  For the Coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953 the Island gifted two silver peregrine falcons, which are at Balmoral.

The bowl stands on a plinth designed by Rosie Glassey (Pooil Vaaish) made from black limestone, which is unique to the Island. It is engraved the with the Manx toast - Slaynt as shee as eash dy vea, as maynrys son dy bra – wishing the Royal couple ‘health and peace and length of life and happiness for ever’.

Chief Minister Alfred Cannan MHK, who will represent the Isle of Man alongside the Lieutenant Governor at Saturday’s Coronation, said:

'On behalf of the people of the Isle of Man, we want to convey our sincere and warm wishes, to Their Majesties.

'We hope this gift reflects the King’s love of the environment and celebrates our Island, a proud UNESCO Biosphere.'