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You can see and learn more about ‘Coronation Days in the Isle of Man’ through a digital collection on Manx National Heritage’s (MNH) iMuseum website, which includes a curation of re-told stories from Isle of Man Newspapers for the:

Coronation of Queen Victoria (Coronation 28 June 1838)

Podcast:  Coronation of Queen Victoria 

Edward VII (Coronation 9 August 1902)

George V (Coronation 22 June 1911).   

These stories will appear as three ‘Collection News’ items (one for each Monarch) on MNHs iMuseum homepage on the following dates/times: 

  • Sat 22 April 2023 at 10am (Queen Victoria)  

  • Sat 29 April 2023 at 10am (Edward VII)  

  • Sat 6 May 2023 at 10am (George V)